Subhumans – Evolution

Subhumans est un groupe d’anarcho-punk britannique. Entre 1980 et 1985, il fut l’un des groupes britanniques les plus originaux et prometteurs de la musique punk. Les Subhumans furent créés à Trowbridge, Wiltshire, au Royaume-Uni en 1980 par Dick Lucas et Bruce.

Evolution fait partie de la compliation de soutien "This is the ALF"


La vidéo


Out in the garden there is a little white rabbit
Like Revlon torture for your clean little habits
As you wash your hair to keep it clean
You get to wonder why VosenesT green
And forget about the silent animal screams

Out in the garden there is a little white dog
Shampoo in your eyes like a burning fog
But it’s tried and tested so you won’t go blind
Animals killed for the good of mankind
For your shining hair so many have died

Out in the garden there is a little white cat
And you’re catching cancer as you smoke that fag
"When will they find the cure?" you choke
When enough cats have died of smoke?
And they say that animals go for the throat

And the monkeys in the zoo they look so tame
In the name of science they removed their brains
To think that man evolved from this beast
Civilised savages down from the trees
The animals who run these laboratories

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